Merry Christmas! Welcome to our Christmas edition of CLICK, where the elves have been busy gathering all the news from your favourite supplier of images from the built environment. In this issue we look back at our recent completion of a HD film for English Partnerships, celebrating 15 years of achievement. Meet our new Production Executive in Up Close & Personal and hear about our new partnership with africanpictures, our successful bid for Essex County Council, the MAPIC event, and a very exciting Hi Definition time-lapse project that will keep you up to date with events in Stratford up to and beyond 2012. A Big Thank You to all our customers and our contributors around the world. Merry Christmas to you all - Jean-Francois Cardella

Stunning Time-Lapse of Olympic Park

HD Cameras Follow Development up to and Beyond 2012

The Olympic Park in Lea Valley, East London, is now the Largest Construction site in Europe. With such a hive of activity and concentration of plant machinery the landscape is being transformed at an incredible pace.

Construction Photography is documenting this process with High Definition cameras overlooking the site. Our ground breaking Time Lapse system takes two images every minute from two angles up to 2012 and during the Games with the ability to change the frame rate for specific events and activities on the site. This first glimpse of the footage shows the massive earthworks across the valley and the breathtaking sky of autumn.

Visual Legacy

Construction Photography will be licensing the Time Lapse editorial footage next year on a worldwide exclusive basis. Our editing process allows zooming and panning, focusing on specific areas of the site. Filmed in HD, the end result can be projected from HD television to huge cinema screens.

"We are very excited by this project and our personal contribution to the visual legacy of the site and the regeneration of this vast area of East London" said Managing Director Jean-Francois Cardella.

Our Time Lapse technology is now fully road tested and we are happy to offer HD Time Lapse services of long and short duration to our clients at an unbeatable price. Get in touch to find out more.

Please note Construction Photography is not associated in any way with the Organising Committee, the Olympic Delivery Authority and London 2012 Games brands, trademarks, goods, products, trade activities and services. The Time Lapse film is distributed worldwide exclusively by Construction Photography.