Welcome to the sixth issue of CLICK. We are proud to announce our new collaboration with RIA Novosti and have been busy this month registering hundreds of new members and consolidating new distribution channels for our stock images. In this month's news, we inform you of our attendance to next's month key exhibitions and events and invite you to discover another two of our contributors. For a demonstration of our combined services of photo and video assignments, Online Workflow and Image Library management please do contact us on +44(0)207 820 6200. Enjoy the read! - Lucy Moore

We are delighted to announce our partnership with RIA Novosti the largest news agency in Russia.

Construction Photography has signed a distribution agreement with the main providers of news and features in Russia. Soon you will be able to search and download built environment and industrial images from the Russian world directly on our website. RIA Novosti archives currently holds 200,000 digital images and over half a million in analogue format.

"The existing RIA Novosti collection largely targets Russian-speaking markets and many potential customers are unaware of our offerings. Having a distribution partner like Construction Photography opens many opportunities for us, especially because Construction Photography has established a strong brand on a specific market" says Artur Alexandrov, Deputy Director of the Photo Department in Moscow.

"We are very excited about this collaboration with RIA Novosti. The depth of their collections related to the built environment is immense with strong editorial images that matches exactly our specific market segment. We have also access to a unique roster of press and corporate photographers from Moscow to the Kamchatka Peninsula who can cover specific assignments for our production department" says Jean-Francois Cardella, Managing Director of Construction Photography.

The RIA Novosti images will be available from next month. Watch this space!